September 20, 2016 Tracey

If you’re like me, you have all of these ideas in your head of what you would love to do or start! Maybe it’s a new fitness and eating routine to get yourself in the best shape of your life, or sign up for a marathon or start a business doing something you love to do. Why is it so hard to actually move forward and put things in motion when you know in your head and your heart that it’s something you really want to do? Some people think it’s because they lack the discipline to do it but I don’t believe that is what it is. What I do believe holds us back from even making goals or making excuses why we aren’t moving forward is fear.

To move forward we know that we have to change our lives, shake up our routine. Even if our routine seems mundane and it’s the exact reason we want to shake things up in the first place to start something new, it means actually having to work at something else and changing our lives. That can sound good but feel really intimidating and like a lot of work. So, we stay where we are. Or, we already have a self-defeating attitude in our head, saying to ourselves, “Who am I to think I can do that”, “I can’t do that, I never follow through on anything.”

Here are some tips to help you start moving forward to things you’ve always wants to do:

START: You need to start somewhere. Start with what goal you want to work on, one that makes you feel good when you think about achieving it.

MAKE DAILY OR WEEKLY STEPS: Write down a small step you can make right now to move toward your goal. Give yourself a day or date by when you have to have it done and stick to it. If you want, have a friend or someone you trust hold you accountable. Sometimes people do better with daily lists and sometimes people do better with weekly lists. Decide which one you are. If you make a weekly list, write down on the list the day you will have everything done.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION: Give yourself permission time to work on your list. We often feel guilty that we spend time on something that we may not receive instant gratification for and the ultimate goal seems too far out. We don’t want to take time away from our family or other things we have that people count on us for. For example, let’s say you want to start working out but you feel overwhelmed and don’t feel like you can fit it in. Know that people will adjust. It’s not selfish to work on something you want to accomplish. If anything, it motivates you more and then also makes you really map out your day or week to get the most out of it when you have to organize to fit in your new goal in your schedule.

REASON WITH NEGATIVE SELF-TALK: One of our biggest obstacles in moving forward is ourselves! Negative self-talk is one of our biggest self-sabotages. Even before you begin to work on your goal, know this is going to happen. We’re all human and it’s natural for every single one of us. Remind yourself that it’s just fear that’s talking and tell yourself that. It’s just fear and I know I can do this!

COMPLETING SMALL GOALS GIVES YOU CONFIDENCE TO COMPLETE BIGGER GOALS: Nothing is more motivating than marking things off a list! Every time you accomplish something that is moving you towards your goal, you gain more and more confidence. Imagine it as a set of stairs and when you begin, you are at the bottom. Each small thing you do to move toward your goal is another step to get you to the top of the staircase where your goal is waiting!

ONCE YOU ACCOMPLISH ONE GOAL, YOU GAIN CONFIDENCE TO ACCOMPLISH MORE: Once you complete the goal you have your eye on, it trains you and your mind to know that you can do it, and that any other goals that you work on now is doable! You gain confidence knowing that by taking small steps and positive self-talk, that you now can go out an start accomplishing all the goals you set for yourself!

Time to start thinking now about the first goal you want to accomplish and taking steps to move toward it!

Have a Kickass Week!



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