April 3, 2017 Tracey

I’ve been going through a difficult time lately. And, as is usually true, in the most difficult times is when we find our most strength. And, in that strength, we want to share that with others. We want others to know that in their lowest moments, that that is when the times that you see where we all all connected and that life is most beautiful.

There is a dichotomy in most, if not, all of us. And, in that dichotomy, I think that most of the time we feel like frauds. We have great times and we have bad times. And most of the time, they are happening simultaneously. Therein lies the conflict of ourselves. What can we offer others, giving advice and posting positive messages, when we are in the lowest times of our lives. But, in the colliding of the two, is where we connect with others. That we can be in chaos and sadness, is where we realize what is truly important in our lives.

Sometimes we sit and wait for the “perfect” person to find us. That once we find “them” that life will be perfect. That it confirms that we are “worth” something. I want to let you know, that you already are worth something. People come to you in perfect timing, whether to learn a lesson or to move forward in life, side by side, as true partners. Either way, whether alone with with someone, you are already whole.

I know when I think about my brother having stage 4 cancer, my sister having had two strokes this past year and is in a nursing home, or the man I pass most days in the skyway who is paralyzed and in wheelchair, I feel guilty for all I do have. But, that’s the wrong approach. They are probably more aware and more blessed and have realized how much more they have than I do. I sometimes feel like I’m striving to be more relevant with money, or with recognition, but they have already realized what is truly important. That none of that means anything. Nothing. Nada.

We are all striving to be more. To live our purpose and to contribute to life before ours is over. What you leave most to this life isn’t your money or your recognition, but how people felt about you. Did you contribute to making people feel better about themselves over how much money you made. Did you make someone’s day by saying something nice over how much recognition you thought you would get by telling them something nice? Have you contributed more to your life that when you leave, that it doesn’t leave with you? ┬áLeave a legacy. Something that continues long after you are gone.